The Company partners the most reliable apartment rental and management companies, through which it achieves optimal levels of profitability in favour of the owners. Our Company enjoys a high level of trust by the rental and management companies, due to the good maintenance of the common areas, which is a must for achieving high demand and adequate rental prices. Each individual negotiations are made through the exceptional mediation role of Frontline Management, and the leading factors in determining the expected revenues are:

- Total area and number of bedrooms
- Exposure
- Furnishing and equipment quality

Our main goals are:

- Achievement of customer satisfaction
- Maximum security of the property entrusted by the customers

This leads only to partnership with established companies, which give durable guarantees for the tasks undertaken and maintains complete transparence of their activity. The clear investment policy in relation to the tourist marketing and hotel services are necessary conditions for achieving the desired attendance.

Our active consultation aims at the correct defining of the consumer groups, as often there is a risk of achieving equal revenues from very different attendance and respective amortization of the furnishings, which eventually directly reduces the profitability of the investment.