The constant contact with all owners is the key to rendering a good service and building trust. Our feedback from the individual clients has a decisive role in achieving personal satisfaction reaching beyond the formal implementation of activities commissioned under an agreement. The contact with the owners is maintained on several levels:

- Immediate communication with front desk employees
- Periodic informing through the electronic correspondence
- Telephone contact / if a quick reaction is needed /
- Independent monitoring through a specially developed on
- Line platform

Each owner of a unit in the complex, serviced by our Company receives an individual access code to the on-line platform, which contains a bulletin of the common activities in the Management and maintenance of the complex, as well as the whole information of the specific property:

- reference on taxes and fees / local tax, waste tax /
- reference on insurance policies / insured property and special insurances /
- bills from suppliers of utilities / electricity, water and sewage, gas /
- bills from suppliers of information services / television, telephone, internet /.

Supervision and accountancy

In accordance with the Condominium Ownership Management Act, the Company performs a constant supervision of activities and expenses hereto in unison with the approved annual draft budget. Annually, the Supervisor and the General Meeting of the Condominium Ownership are provided with a report, containing a financial and quantity reference for the previous period. In addition, the Company applies internal physical and documental supervision of the personnel work.